Google drops call forwarding, potentially disrupting calls from Google searches—But we’ve got you covered!

On July 8, 2023, Google dropped the call forwarding service for Google Business Profile (GBP) without notice. This action involved Google putting their own forwarding or tracking number on GBP listings. Unfortunately, these calls were frequently forwarded to other businesses or even companies in different industries.

Over that same weekend, Google decided to remove their forwarding numbers and revert to the original business numbers. However, those numbers are not always correct or able to be restored, leaving companies without any contact number on their GBP page.

BxB Media clients do not need to worry about this, as our team has already taken care of this for you.

After becoming aware of this change, our BxB Team immediately took action to avoid any disruption in client calls from Google Search. To ensure each client’s contact information was still listed correctly, we manually:

1. Confirmed the GBP page contact phone number was correct

2. Confirmed the contact number in the Business Information section was correct

3. Toggled off the Don’t Show option for displaying the phone number on the GBP page

Keeping up with Google—and changes like this that could potentially impact you—is part of the service we provide. So relax, we’ve got your back!

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