Make Sure Your Facebook Account Is Set Up Properly

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is as true today as it was back when Benjamin Franklin first coined the phrase. In today’s highly computerized world, large-scale security breaches—like the one Facebook experienced in July—have become all too common. The time you invest in prevention is more valuable than ever.

At BxB Media, we actively monitor client Facebook ad accounts so we may be the first to see suspicious activity should it occur. However, as the owner, it’s important you monitor your account and take the following steps to help increase the security of your page:

  1. Be sure to turn on the two-factor authentication (2FA) on multiple devices (for backup) and require anyone with business page access to do the same. Think of it as adding a deadbolt on your front door.
  2. Check who has a key to your Facebook “house” and confirm that anyone with management or ownership access is still actively engaged with your company. Remove anyone you don’t recognize. If they are legitimate, they will contact you if they need to be reinstated.
  3. For an added layer of security, be sure people who have management access to your business are on the list of trusted email domains in the security center located in the business settings of your page.
  4. Confirm your page ownership, making sure a principal within the company is an owner. In addition, we highly recommend at least two people within the company have full control and that the current logins and passwords are securely saved. This prevents the loss of access to your Facebook page (and Instagram pages when they are linked) if the person initially establishing the account leaves the company.
  5. Update your passwords regularly and if you see something unusual or suspicious—such as an email verifying charges for ads you didn’t place—change your password immediately.

For information on how to take any of the actions outlined above, please see the list of Facebook Help Center links below.

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Facebook Help Center Links

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