5 Steps for HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Recruiting

It’s that time of year again. While most people are daydreaming about firing up the grill, hanging by the pool or lake, and the kids getting out of school, for those of us immersed in the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical industries, it’s time to get to work. 

This is when you should execute your well-crafted BxB marketing plan to keep your phone ringing off the hook! This is also typically when you need more qualified help, which has been a challenge for years. 

Just like any other aspect of your business, maintaining the right balance of staff to achieve growth goals requires a well-calculated strategy and a comprehensive game plan. 

But where do you go and what works? How do the best in the industry find talent to achieve their growth goals?

Recruiting Is Marketing

Diversify your recruiting efforts by:

• Recruiting constantly

• Developing an in-house training program to grow talent

• Incentivizing new-hire referrals

• Posting positions on company and job websites

• Letting the world know your company is a great place to work

Sound good but not sure where to start? Here are five simple low-cost strategies you can put into action today.

1. Write it down and share it.

Develop an internal and external spiff (Sales Program Incentive Fund) plan, including open positions, the spiff details, and a quote from a couple of existing employees about working for your company. 

Create a separate one-page document for the internal and external plans that can be printed or emailed. Launch the internal plan at an all-company meeting. For the external plan, bring food (think sandwiches or donuts) to the parts houses you work with, and let everyone there know you’re hiring.

2. Train ’em up.

To achieve aggressive growth goals, develop an in-house training program with the help of your distributor/territory manager and/or business coach. Get access to equipment for training and get your team enrolled in training programs. 

Utilize existing resources and put the program in writing. To broaden your reach, share the information with local vocational schools, military job-placement services, and recruiters.

3. Spread the word.

Truck decals, business cards, and billboards with a QR code leading to your website’s Careers page are great ways to let the world know you are always hiring the best. Give these materials to employees to make it easier for them to share with their networks.

4. Post on job websites.

Job posts still work. Although not to the level we might like, they are still a necessity. You can handle it in-house or use recruiters to post jobs on the internet and social media. BxB recommends Recruit4Business because of their excellent results.

5. Tell your story. 

Changing jobs can be scary, so it’s important to tell people why they should come work for you. Create a short “elevator pitch” and spread the word. 

Make a video with you and your staff sharing why your company is a great place to work, then post it on your website’s Careers page to attract new hires. This is a dynamic recruiting tool that, along with other strategies, will help you create a strong recruiting plan.

Get in Touch With Us for Help

Take action today and put these five strategies into place. We will work with you to create a recruiting campaign to help you meet the staffing challenge this summer and throughout the year. 

Connect with us for more details. If you’re currently working with us, talk to your BxB Marketing Coach about these strategies during one of your upcoming meetings.

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