How Is Google Like the Weather?

We all know how much the weather impacts HVAC and the other trades. Of course you can’t control when it rains or freezes or floods. All you can do is watch the weather, prepare the best you can, and respond to what happens in a way that helps customers deal with any weather situations that come along.

It’s the same thing with BxB and Google. Google, like the weather, can be unpredictable and sometimes pretty extreme. We can’t control Google, but we can do our best to watch, plan, and respond.

Here at BxB, we plan our strategies and tactics according to Google’s actions and the effect they have online. Much like your team responds to the weather in order to keep your customers safe and comfortable, our team is continually following Google, learning all we can about predicted (and unpredictable) changes, and then taking action to keep you safe and comfortable online!

There has been a lot of “storming” recently over the proposed tech bills currently in Congress that could alter how digital tools are implemented by big tech companies like Google and Apple. Some of you may have received an email from one of these companies pitching their perspective about what’s going on, but there is no need to be concerned at this time. All this is still being discussed in Congress, so we will let you know if anything changes.

BxB Is Watching Out For You!

Keep in mind that nothing has changed and there is nothing to be concerned about. We are keeping an eye on the situation, and if this case involving Google ends up affecting how you currently do business online, we will be sure to inform you. If you are a client, the BxB Monthly Insights newsletter will let you know anything you need to know about this issue, as well as what the BxB team is doing to address any changes. Additionally, you can always count on your BxB Marketing Coach to alert you to any updates.

Talk to Us for More Information

If you need further information about this, or any Google matter, we are always happy to talk with you. With our team and yours working together, we can keep you on track, meet your goals, and lift your company.

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