951% Increase in First-Page Keyword Rankings After New Website Launch!

In June, prior to BxB Media building this Texas client’s new website, only 4.9% of their tracked keywords were on the first page, none were in the top three, and 40% were not ranked at all. 

After their new site launched in July, keyword rankings increased quickly. By November—just four months later—46.6% of their tracked keywords were on the first page, a 951% increase, and 16.7% were in the top three pages! Overall, 90% of their keywords were now ranking.

Figure 1. This report shows the change in search ranking for the client’s tracked keywords before the new website build by BxB (May 1–July 19, 2023) and after the new-site launch (July 20–November 9, 2023). Green bars indicate first-page ranking. Gray indicates the keywords not ranked by Google.

Why do BxB website keywords rank so well? Two of the main reasons are:

  • The BxB Development Team’s emphasis on building sites with proper technical SEO structure
  • The BxB Writing Team’s commitment to page content that demonstrates Google best practices of experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EEAT)

Learn more about Google best practices.

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