Make Sure Your SEO Isn’t MIA

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an internet marketing strategy used to affect a website’s visibility in a search engine’s unpaid results. These results are often referred to as “natural”, “organic” or “earned” results.

An SEO strategy is one of the building blocks of your internet presence today. Without proper SEO in place your site could be losing valuable placement in search engine results.

What Affects SEO?

  • How search engines work – the algorithms used to generate search results
  • Search Terms – Keyword and phrase research
  • Content – The quality of the content on a site
  • Keyword Integration – Strategic placement of keywords in descriptions, tags and content
  • Backend Activity – How frequently a website is updated (this is why we promote blogs)

Practices Involved with Managing SEO:

  • Managing site content
  • Managing and editing title tags and meta descriptions
  • HTML and associated coding to increase relevance for specific keywords and remove barriers to indexing and search engine activities
  • Site promotion for backlinks and inbound links

SEO is a long-term activity and is the foundation for any great internet marketing campaign. You can think about it like fitness for your website. The most effective workout for your body is one that builds over time and produces long term results, a get-in-shape-quick program might give you immediate results, but you will quickly go back to where you were before.

An SEO campaign works the same way, it is a long-term commitment with gradual success markers that, over time, build lasting results.

At BxB we monitor and log your presence and search authority within Google on a regular basis. We perform market research for your industry and through this research we determine which keywords are the most important for your industry, in your area. From there we create meaningful and searchable content through unique pages and blog posts.

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