ICP Preferred Vendor

BxB Media is proud to be an ICP Preferred Vendor.

With roots in HVAC and currently collaborating with several hundred HVAC contractors—BxB knows HVAC.

One of the many unique benefits of working with BxB is your dedicated Marketing Coach. They work with both you and our entire team to create and deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy.

International Comfort Products.

BxB Takes a Holistic Approach

BxB will guide you on how to use marketing tools to deliver a consistent and professional brand message. Marketing is simply a way to engage with and educate your customers. In order to be successful, it is critical to be consistent across all forms of media from your website to print pieces to social media to vehicle wraps—and everything in between. BxB’s team of marketing experts takes a holistic approach to keep your brand on track to meet your goals.

Complimentary Marketing Review

BxB is pleased to provide ICP dealers with a complimentary Marketing Review that includes a look at your review-gathering process, a review of your Google Business Profile (GBP), and a comprehensive look at your company’s marketing.

In your review, you’ll get candid feedback, actionable items, and marketing solutions to help you improve your business.

Hear Directly From Some of Our Clients

“The impact that BxB has had on our business health and growth is undeniable. Having worked with previous SEO and marketing firms, we now see the unique way BxB cares for our specific goals with care and attention. The team is focused, creative, and willing to provide solutions that meet both budget and mission. Partnering with BxB was one of the strongest business (growth oriented) decisions made for our company.”

- Joshua V.

“We have been a customer of BxB for over a year now and I can honestly say the experience has been great! Improved web presence, improved lead development, great social media interactions, and fantastic service. The responsiveness and professionalism of the BxB team is second to none! I wish I would have found their services sooner. I can only imagine where we would be if we had contracted their services sooner. Highly recommended their marketing services!!”


- Steven F.

“First 6 months down and I am very impressed with BxB. They set me up with Zene and he has been nothing short of impressive. Zene and his team take the time to go over all my Google info every week and help come up with new marketing ideas. When I am busy they keep me in check and make sure I stay on task so that when our slower season hits we can continue to progress. So far great!”


- Casey M.

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BxB will meet you where you are -to create a strategy that will build your
brand so your company can grow and be a powerhouse in your local market.