Instant Quote for Residential HVAC Contractors

Increase Your Qualified Leads Through Automation!

71% of homeowners prefer HVAC contractors with online pricing. Delight them with smart estimates, rebates and savings on your website, 24/7.

BxB clients get exclusive pricing and discounts giving you the opportunity to save up to $2,460!

$1,500 Onboarding Fee WAIVED
Discounted Monthly Fees

$799 $719/month (paid monthly)
$649 $569/month (paid annually)

Engage Web Visitors. Build Trust with Customers.


Instant Quote Key Features

Superior User Interface and Experience

  • Mobile and desktop friendly to deliver a superior user experience and maximize leads.
  • Customizable images and text promote your brand.
  • Developed with best practices from real estate tech.

Rebates and Tax Credits

  • EDEN’s algorithms determine eligibility to show exact rebate and tax credits $ amounts.
  • Supports IRA (federal), state, local and utility-level incentives.

Highly Customizable

  • Show good - better - best - fantastic choices for every category with your prices.
  • Compatible with all system types including forced air, dual fuel, single zone mini-split and multi-split systems.

Project Utility and CO2 Savings Calculations

  • Automatically calculates utility cost and CO2 savings based on prevailing utility rates and Department of Energy data.

Homeowner Education

  • Show key benefits to allow users to dig deeper and upsell themselves.

Integrated Heat Load Calculations and Data

  • Recommendation engine calculates heat loads including equipment-specific performance curves and balance points.
  • Automatically draws on real estate databases, equipment performance data, and 30 years of historical weather data.

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  • BxB’s Google Premier Partner status
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