BxB Writers, Better Than Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and bots have come a long way, baby, but at BxB Media, we think they have their place—and it’s not at BxB when it comes to writing for you.

Over the years at BxB, it’s been a deliberate decision to continue having our professional in-house writing team, not AI, bots, or inexpensive overseas writers, produce the written content we provide for our clients. Here are three reasons why.

1. Local branding for your company.

Your company has unique attributes, and the copywriting on your website should reflect that. When BxB creates website content and blogs for you and your customers, our expert writing team—all living here in the United States—researches and pens each word specifically for your company. It’s much more than simply spitting out keywords for SEO (search engine optimization), though we always incorporate keyword strategies for successful rankings.

As well as AI can work with data and arrange it into sentences, it can’t capture your company’s unique branding and tone through messaging. Only humans can do that.

2. BxB values creativity.

AI and bots can produce content, but they tend to stick to the facts only. They come up short when it comes to the creativity of expressing your company’s story. 

At BxB, creativity is so significant to us, it’s one of our Seven Core Values. Compelling content can only be showcased by our writing team, not assembled by a computer. From your company newsletter, maintenance agreement, brochure, and ads to your social media posts, we recognize your copy requires the human touch.

There’s more to language than exchanging words. It’s about imagination and messaging. Having words misused by AI because it doesn’t yet comprehend the fundamental context of creativity won’t work here.

Mark Twain said, “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” That’s a mighty big difference in our eyes.

3. You need to connect with your customers.

Your company’s voice is central to your branding. Our writing team weaves who you are into everything we write for and about you, which builds a level of trust between you and your customer.

Humans grasp this distinction. Computers cannot yet.

The relationship between you and your customers depends on understanding that all-important connection. Stilted, impersonal sentences from bots do not invite your customers to trust you. Yes, bots can relay facts, but you need more than that when building relationships with people. 

We know a lot of digital agencies use AI and bots as well as outsource their writing to save a few bucks. At BxB, we have seen the cheap, poorly written results these solutions provide. This is why we continue to keep an in-house writing team that supports our clients with the best possible HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and home services written content we can provide.

When you are our client, we want you to be able to sleep at night knowing BxB is taking care of your marketing. We also want to sleep at night knowing we are doing the right thing for our clients.

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